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RISE at Extended Learning Period

APSA's RISE is coming to Extended Learning Period (ELP) at Los Amigos! Tomorrow, February 10th, several RISE Mentors will be speaking in classrooms to discuss how the RISE Program can benefit 9th and 10th grade students! There, we will be distributing Mentee Applications for students that are interested in setting goals, building confidence and discovering passions for higher education! Applications will also be available to download and print from our website!

(2/9/16) --Joanna, RISE HSO Co-Chair 2015-2016

RISE 2015-2016 Program at Los Amigos High School

APSA's RISE 2015-2016 Program is proud to announce our new school of Outreach: LOS AMIGOS HIGH SCHOOL! Los Amigos High School is located in Fountain Valley, CA and is a part of the Garden Grove Unified School District. While we will miss our Laguna Hills Hawks, we are very excited to work with 9th and 10th grade Lobos and our new advisor, Ms. Tram Do! 

See you soon, Lobos!

(2/5/16) --Joanna, RISE HSO Co-Chair 2015-2016

First Week of School; RISE & Shine

Congratulations to our Laguna Hills High School students for completing their first week of a new school year! We hope that you're staying cool in the heat and that you're excited to do well in your classes! 

You got this. You looked super fly in your first week outfits. You've shared your summer stories with the lunch crew. You've got some fun electives this year, and the new class jitters are starting to wear away. It's time to get serious about getting your RISE & Grind on every day. When I say RISE & Grind, I mean, showing your dedication to your education.

Now that summer vacation has ended and you have a week of school over and done with, I hope your sleeping schedule is somewhat back to normal. Why the school system in America has high school students in class before 7AM, I have no clue. Showing up on time is one of the hardest things about the daily grind of high school. Most college students can't even make it to their 8AM classes on time, and they only have to wake up before 8 am twice a week. Y'all have to be on campus before 7AM almost every single day!!! That is already some incredible dedication on your part. 

If you're showing up on time, you're setting some priorities. You're there: butt on the seat, eyes to the front of the class-- a full 2 hours before most adults are able to say, "I'd like a Venti, hot, Caramel Macchiato"!!!!  

RISE wants you to KEEP. IT. UP. Attendance is a big part of your education because it is the FIRST part of your education. You're not learning much if you aren't there, no? The early class time that high school sets might not make you a morning person, but it allows you to show your dedication. We see you, and we love it! 

(9/5/15) --Joanna, RISE HSO Co-Chair 2015-2016